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You definitely know that each type of vehicle needs a different battery to meet the requirements of its manufacturer, but do you know what the right battery is for you?

Recor Batteries is here to help you with a wide range of accumulators, as well as with any issue on your car battery, truck battery and boat, agricultural or military battery.

See below the types of batteries needed for each type of vehicles:


Eco Gold SMF
Eco Gold SMF


Passenger vehicle are becoming increasingly diverse as vehicle technology evolves to meet fuel-efficiency and carbon-emission regulations. But these vehicles all have one thing in common: a need for durable, high-performance batteries. We offer a full portfolio of batteries to meet the needs of passenger vehicles — from internal combustion engines to fully electric vehicles.



Internal Combustion Engine Vehicles

Vehicles powered by internal combustion engines represent the majority of the automotive market. They use lead-acid batteries to start the vehicle and power accessories. These batteries need to be reliable and, as electrical systems become more demanding, increasingly durable.

Start Stop Vehicles

Start-stop vehicles use internal combustion engines that automatically shut off when the car is idling, then restart when the driver’s foot leaves the brake pedal. When the engine is off, the vehicle’s electrical system uses energy from the battery. The battery is used to restart the engine after each stopping event. Start-stop vehicles provide up to 5 percent more fuel-efficiency and reduced CO2 emissions.

We take it for granted that the Start-Stop systems will be standard in most new vehicles. Thus we are glad to provide you a variety of those new products, start n’ stop car batteries, based on these new technology systems (start-stop, funstart, optima, etc).

Advanced Start-Stop Vehicles

Advanced start-stop vehicles further enhance fuel efficiency through added capabilities such as engine-off coasting, electric boost and regenerative braking. These vehicles are 5–8 percent more efficient that internal combustion engine powered vehicles, and help automakers meet stringent fuel efficiency regulations without major changes to conventional powertrains and electrical systems. Advanced start-stop vehicles use two batteries, a 12 volt lead-acid battery and a 12 volt lithium-ion battery.
Micro-Hybrid Vehicles

These vehicles extend start-stop functionality even further. They use two batteries: a 12 volt lead-acid battery starts the engine and powers accessories; a 48 volt lithium-ion battery captures power from regenerative braking and powers high-load functions such as electric air conditioning, active chassis technology, and an electric traction motor that supplements the internal combustion engine to propel the vehicle. Micro-hybrid vehicles are 12–15 percent more efficient than conventional internal combustion engine powered vehicles.

Hybrid Electric Vehicles

Hybrid electric vehicles (HEVs) are powered by both an internal combustion engine and a high-voltage electric battery that is recharged by the internal combustion engine. HEVs are 20–40 percent more efficient than conventional vehicles powered by an internal combustion engine alone, and are an important part of the solution to meet longer-term fuel efficiency and admissions regulations without compromising vehicle range. HEVs use two batteries, a 12 volt lead-acid battery and a high-voltage lithium-ion battery.


The marine environment is tough on batteries, yet everything depends on them: engine starts, navigation and communication systems, running lights and electrical accessories. Our marine batteries are designed to meet your needs — from high cranking starting power to deep cycling to power accessories.

In other words, the recreational vehicle batteries do much more than get you from one point to another. They are designed specifically for their application and environment to provide durable, superior performance.


Truck Batteries Family
Truck Batteries Family


Heavy-duty trucks and construction vehicles have more electrical demands than ever before. Our commercial product line is engineered to handle these power-hungry applications and provide long, reliable service in tough environments.

It is known that the batteries for commercial vehicles need to be exceptionally durable, reliable and powerful. Trucks need batteries to handle the toughest jobs on wheels — including rough terrain, round-the-clock use, high power demands and heavy cycling.


No matter what the battery requirements of your vehicle might be, there is always a Recor battery that meets them. A Recor battery achieves, for a long period of time, strong and immediate start up of your engine. Browse through our catalog for a detailed presentation of our products.  

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