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Battery energy
As the automotive battery is the vehicle’s electrical heart, knowledge is power when it comes to your car battery and electrical system.
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If it happens to turn the key in the ignition and nothing happens, thoughts of adding extra automotive battery capacity to your vehicle certainly pass through your mind! But is it safe? And do you really need it?
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While there are certain aspects of automotive electrical systems that are dangerous and batteries themselves can also be dangerous, your car battery can’t actually electrocute you. In fact, under normal conditions, a 12-volt car battery will usually not even shock you.
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Start-stop technology is one of the fuel economy car technologies to help reduce CO2 emissions. It plays a key role in the way to achieve emission regulation whilst reducing fuel consumption. With ever increasing fuel prices, the start-stop system is the future for vehicle owners. 
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Having a car battery issue is one of the top reasons for breakdowns at any time of year but particularly in winter. Understanding the effects of low temperature on your battery, as well as correct storage, care and maintenance can help you try to avoid a battery problem this winter.
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There’s an old saying that “luck happens when preparation meets opportunity”. There’s no better example of that than a recent discovery at the University of California, Irvine by doctoral student Mya Le Thai. She accidentally found a way to design a battery that doesn’t lose its charge after hundreds years of use, while she was simply...
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Global: The governments of the USA, Canada and Mexico must ensure that design changes to incorporate less costly materials in new-type batteries for electric cars are assessed for sound environmental management. 
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