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The importance of the recirculation button in a car

The importance of the recirculation button

Nearly all autos feature a recirculation button near the AC controls. But a lot of us don’t know when to utilize it.

The simple solution is to turn it off during the winter and utilize it during the summer.

Instead of bringing in fresh air from the outside, the recirculation button just draws air from inside the automobile and circulates it inside the cabin. If you do not circulate the cooler air in the cabin on days when it is excruciatingly hot outside, your air conditioning system will draw hot air from the outside and attempt to cool it. Your car will become colder and your AC system will last longer if you use the recirculation feature.

Note: If your car has been scorching in the sun, it is preferable to roll the windows down and turn off the recirculation for the first few minutes to get rid of the extremely hot air inside the car before turning it back on.


Use the recirculation whenever you are in traffic, whether it is summer or winter. If you are drawing air in from outside, all of the traffic’s contaminants and carbon monoxide will be drawn in as well. According to studies, recirculating your air conditioner can reduce the amount of pollutants entering your car by 20% when you’re stalled in traffic.


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